Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem

Emotional Intelligence training (EQ Training) has to do with building understanding of your emotions. If you have a high emotional intelligence (ei) you know exactly what you are feeling from moment to moment, and most of the time you understand why you are feeling as you do. You know exactly what it is that you need to do in order to alter your feelings in scenarios when you wish to feel in a different way. Emotional intelligence thus makes you more familiar with your individual requirements and it increases your ability to take excellent care of yourself.

Conceptual image - an index of intelligence

Conceptual image – an index of intelligence

High emotional intelligence can not be unaccompanied by high self-awareness.  The two are intrinsically connected.

Therefore, if you have a high EQ  (emotional quotient that measures ei) you likewise know yourself well. It is much easier to develop a high self-esteem (i.e. to establish a great relationship with yourself) when you know yourself. How can you accept and like somebody you don’t understand? For this reason, self-confidence and psychological intelligence work together. As you raise your psychological intelligence you also learn how to comprehend yourself much better, accept yourself (including both negative and favorable feelings), satisfy your individual requirements and value yourself more. Everything gets easier when you improve the relationship with yourself.

Emotional intelligence is not just about comprehending oneself, but likewise about understanding other individuals. With a high EQ you can go into a room filled with individuals and right away get a sense of how individuals because room are feeling at that moment. You can comprehend other people’s needs much better, and this makes it easier for you to assist them to please those requirements. This makes it much easier to manage all various kinds of people because you know how to make them feel great. All of us have a social need, and as we raise our psychological intelligence we become much better at structure and keeping relationships that assist us please that requirement. We make ourselves feel better and we raise our self-esteem by assisting others feel good.

To raise your psychological intelligence you merely have to pay attention to yourself regularly. Take a break and ask your body what it is feeling. Do you feel some stress or pain anywhere? Pay attention to your intuition (your gut feeling). As quickly as you open up to the information that is currently within you, you will discover out that you “understand” a lot more than you understood before. Do not ignore or attempt to press emotions away. They have something important to inform you. Your feelings will assist you to raise your self-esteem.

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